Since the discovery of possible time travel, Barry starts seeing bizarre visions of himself when he uses his super speed. Meanwhile, Mark Marden returns, with new weather-controlling powers and a thirst for vengeance against Joe, who killed his brother Clyde. MAJOR spoilers ahead.

After a brief hiatus, the show returns as the Weather Wizard receives a proper debut. While Clyde was a rather underwhelming adversary in the pilot, Mark is far more dynamic in both personality and power set, and show how far the metahumans have come in the show. The reference to the comic book version with the wand was nice, and it will be interesting to see if he will join the Rogues and what type of chemistry he will have with the others. Somewhat of a plothole, however, is how Mark was able to enter the police building despite being a wanted criminal.

Barry’s awkward double date with Iris and Eddie forces Iris and Barry to confront their feelings for each other more. Iris’s flirtiness with Barry comes out a bit forced, especially since her chemistry with him felt more between siblings, Either way, it is a relief to see this story actually move along, climaxing with a kiss. Eddie loses his cool demeanor as well, but it is unlikely that this will turn him to darkness, if the show decides to take that direction.

In a more interesting subplot, Iris and Mason are investigating Wells, which leads to Barry and Cisco becoming suspicious of their “benevolent” mentor. The investigation is great to see, as it leads to a tense confrontation between Cisco and Wells, or as he is actually called, Eobard Thawne. All of these important developments might be undone by Barry, as his sacrifice causes him to accidentally time travel several hours before, where his “apparition” took place.

“Out of Time” could have been another “villain of the week” episode, as it started out this way, with a plothole and a somewhat stagnant love story to handle. However, the second half successfully elevates it and creates an exciting cliffhanger. Next week’s episode should be tricky, as it needs to balance both the Weather Wizard/time travel storyline and the return of the Rogues.

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