After discovering Wells’s secret room on STAR Labs, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco set up a trap to capture Wells, which puts Cisco in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Eddie makes a bold decision regarding Iris, and Joe is not happy about it.

Spoilers ahead!

After nearly a season’s worth of build-up, the team learns the truth about Wells and is working against him. They have Cisco relive the memories from the erased timeline in order to get Wells to confess the murder of Nora Allen. However, the Reverse Flash anticipates their actions, and uses Everyman as bait. With the truth exposed, Wells starts to hunt down everyone Barry cares about before killing him.

This story was a thrill to watch from beginning to end. From Cisco’s nightmarish recreation of the alternate timeline to Wells’s ambiguous nature throughout the episode, and the final confrontation. Barry is still struggling to believe he is a villain, particularly after all the heartwarming moments between them not just this episode, but the entire series. This adds some fascinating nuance to their relationship.

Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh did an exceptional role this week, with Gustin harnessing Barry’s rage and Cavanagh working more on his seamless duplicity between “Wells” and his true self, Eobard Thawne.

Joe continues to be overprotective when it comes to Barry and Iris, but at least his perspective is more humanized and sympathetic than before. That being said, he really should trust Iris to make her own decisions and not assume he always knows what she wants and will do.

The episode also features flashbacks taking place during the time Barry was unconscious from the explosion. The information revealed is mostly relevant to Iris, as she finds out the truth about Barry through a connection. No doubt the fallout will bring consequences to Barry, Joe, and possibly Eddie, who will probably have his issues regarding distant, future relative.

“The Trap” sets in motion the final confrontation between the Flash and the Reverse Flash. Everything the season has accomplished has been building up to this, and there is still plenty more left to cover.

How do you feel about this episode? How will Eddie react to the news regarding Eobard ?

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