The CW Network premiered its new series The Flash last night, a spin-off from the network’s hit show Arrow.

The new series depicts the DC Comic universe of The Flash, where Barry Allen, a police forensic scientist, is struck by lightning and develops superhuman speed and agility.

As brilliant of a plan this adaptation and spin-off may have been, the execution seemed to flop straight onto the ground.

The show was from the same creators as Arrow, and you could tell.  The show perfectly mirrored Arrow to the point of predictability and ridiculousness.

The hero with his two sidekicks, one man and one woman, a detective friend on the police force, his daughter acting as the hero’s love interest, heroic voiceovers, and a parental figure and/or mentor who is working against the hero behind his back.  There is also the weekly bad guy, threatening the city’s well being.

That description could easily and perfectly describe both Arrow and The Flash.  There are have small details that are different, and I mean minuscule, but the majority of the plot line seems to be practically identical.

While a spin-off is meant to have the same atmospheric presence and vibe to the television show as the original series, a successful spin-off needs to have its own unique plot line and characters, a fault in which the original comics could be partially to blame.

Spin-offs are becoming more and more common, especially within the CW Network.  This relates back to the question mentioned a few months ago here on Consumer Press: are screenwriters running out of ideas?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8.7c on the CW.