The Flash Meets A Terrifying Foe, Firestorm Disappointing

“The Man in the Yellow Suit” concludes the first half of the season by depicting the climatic confrontation between Flash and the man responsible for his mother’s murder.

Barry tries to enjoy Christmas with the Wests, while Caitlin believes her fiance Ronnie may be alive. However, all of their plans turn south when the Reverse Flash appears, luring Barry into a massive battle.

The portrayal of the Reverse Flash is impressive, especially since the concept of an “evil twin/double” could come off as cheesy or goofy. However, the show uses impressive special effects and a creepy aura to have the villain come off as a twisted nightmare and a terrifying foe.

Barry finally confesses his attraction to Iris and how he’s felt about her when she plans to move in with Eddie. This is great to see, as the love arc between them doesn’t drag on for too long. It also makes Barry a more sympathetic character as he tries to let go of both his love for Iris and his obsession with the Man in Yellow.

Ronnie’s brief appearances as Firestorm were somewhat underwhelming, but his rescue of Barry against Reverse Flash gives some intrigue over how much of “Ronnie” is left there. It will be interesting to see what happens during the rest of the season.

Doctor Wells is revealed as the Reverse Flash, something speculated by fans since the first episode. While this answers the question of who killed Barry’s mother, it also raises even more, particularly how did he establish an alibi.

What did you think of the mid-season finale? What you think are Doctor Wells’s future goals? Race to the comments below!

Consumer Expert Allan Sandoval

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