The Hoverboard Is Real And Comes From An Unexpected Source

What is the most memorable, most wanted future technology from any movie?

The hoverboard from Back To The Future II, obviously. Who among us did not immediately want one?

Numerous companies have tried, many have tricked us into thinking they had succeeded, but recently the real thing has come to fruition.

Lexus has developed the hoverboard. That seems a little strange; why would an automotive company spend money on what is little more than a toy? Because they can, they have the money and facilities to achieve it.

If we think about it for a second it makes a lot of sense that an automotive company would finally crack the code; they are constantly pushing the technological boundaries in an endeavour to make cars safer and more desirable.

How does it work? Rather than try to explain it myself, the following is directly from the press release.

Since the Lexus Hoverboard was unveiled in June, testing has been carried out in a specially constructed hoverpark, combining elements from skate culture with technology within its architecture. Up to 200 meters of magnetic track was transported to Barcelona from the Dresden facility to lay beneath the hoverpark surface in order to create the dynamic test, offering Lexus the opportunity to demonstrate tricks no skateboard could ever perform, like travelling across water. Lexus has captured the final ride footage and released it as a film led by award winning director Henry-Alex Rubin.
The Lexus Hoverboard technology features two “cryostats”—reservoirs in which superconducting material is kept at -197 degrees through immersion in liquid nitrogen. The board is then placed above a track that contains permanent magnets. Dr. Oliver de Haas, evico CEO, said: “The magnetic field from the track is effectively ‘frozen’ into the superconductors in the board, maintaining the distance between the board and the track—essentially keeping the board hovering. This force is strong enough to allow the rider to stand and even jump on the board.” 

All this leads me to ask what this application will be used for next? My money is on hovercars.

Check out this video and let us know what you think. Real or Hoax?

I vote real!

Consumer Expert Robert Nichols

Robert is a lifelong car nut. He works as a Technician with 16 years experience and has multiple trade licenses. Having worked on vehicles ranging from Porsche's, fire trucks, trains, and industrial/mining equipment, he has a varied and broad knowledge base to draw on. But his favorite thing to do is drive, be it on two or four wheels.