The Irish Pub in NYC

If you happen to be in NYC, The Irish Pub is a place you should definitely visit.

The Irish Pub on 837 7th Ave, in New York, is cozy and pleasant. As other pubs in the city, it has a black board outside with the specialty of the day, written in chalk.

The prices are not too high. The dishes are big, delicious and fresh. As the name of the well-known pub suggests, it is loaded with alcohol. Here you can find the tastiest cocktails. The number of beers is uncountable.

Also, if you happen to be in a mood for a drink at 10 a.m., no one will judge you here.

You would be welcomed by a cheery hostess. The light in the pub is neither too bright, nor too gloomy. The music during the day is nice, and not too loud, so you can communicate easily.

At night, this is one of the hot spots in NYC. The best deals are during Happy Hour.

Have you been in The Irish Pub in NYC before?

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