Having sold 366,678 units in 2013, the ever popular Honda Accord sedan is once again set to dominate the family sedan market.

On sale yesterday, the 2015 Accord line up, the Sedan, coupe and Hybrid versions, have been reworked to give consumers more of what they love. Namely comfort, efficiency, reliability and sheer driving pleasure.

The sedan with the 2.4L 4 cyl. that produces 185 hp, starts at a very reasonable $22105.

The Accord Coupe with the 2.4L 4 cyl starts at $23775, however the engine output is upped to 189 hp (the Sport Sedan trim also receives the power boost).

Both the Sedan and Coupe have the option of a V6 with 3.5L of displacement and 278 hp.

The 4 pot engines can utilise either a 6 speed manual or a CVT transmission. The V6 comes with a proper automatic or 6 speed manual.

Fuel economy is impressive at 36 mpg highway for the 4 cyl versions and 32 or 34 mpg highway for the V6, dependant on the chosen transmission.

If fuel economy is your primary goal than you will want to seriously consider the Hybrid which boasts 50 mpg city and starts at $29305.

New features include available Homelink(basically turning your car into a remote control for up to 3 devices, for example your garage door, and security systems), Honda Lanewatch, a camera displays the passenger side lane to the driver via an in-dash display( I always assumed that’s why we had mirrors), and auto dimming rear view mirror.

The interior is exactly what you would expect from Honda, neat, comfortable and well thought out. The exterior is handsome and discreet.

The Accord line up has proven yet again why magazines like Car and Driver have consistently voted the Accord to their ten best lists.

It promises to be a reliable, enjoyable and economic means of transporting the entire family through life.