Project Spark is the flagship sandbox creator game of Microsoft Studios – and it’s just been released today for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

Imagine the map maker tools of Warcraft III and Starcraft II coupled with the world-building qualities of Minecraft and the customization options of Skyrim’s Creation Kit.

Blend them all together, simplify the commands to make the whole thing work with an Xbox controller, and you have Project Spark in a nutshell.

The game’s trailer offers a pretty impressive example of what players have come up with during the game’s beta.

Here’s a breakdown of what the trailer contained:

  • Streamlined creation tool using the Xbox controller
  • Sci-fi themed FPS run
  • Minecraft clone (player-created)
  • Beat-em-up (player-created)
  • Third-person action-RPG (player-created)
  • Child-friendly platformer (player-created)
  • Mario-esque platformer (player-created)
  • Angry Birds clone (player-created)
  • Missile Command clone (player-created)
  • Tetris clone (player-created)
  • Fantasy FPS (player-created)

Project Spark is actually free-to-play with the option to unlock additional content through in-game play or through in-app purchases.

There’s also a retail version that sells for $39.99 and contains additional in-game content worth $85 if bought individually.

You can learn more by visiting the game’s website at

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