The Boston Museum of Science is Educational & Fun!

One great way to amuse your kids and have them learn something is to take them to the Museum of Science in Boston.

The Museum features permanent exhibits focusing on anything from electricity to dinosaurs, and often has temporary exhibits up on different topics. Different exhibits include simple machines, animal behavior, optical illusions, and many more!

There is also an IMAX theater to show movies, planetarium shows, and free demonstrations within the exhibits periodically. The Mugar Omni Theater there is the only domed IMAX in New England! One of the more popular ones is the electricity shows that feature an indoor lightning storm!

The Museum is also home to many live animals, visible in the animal demonstrations or in certain exhibits. There is also an Animal Care Center located downstairs.

The Museum of Science is easily accessible by the green line on the T, it’s located next to the Science Park stop.

Duck tours also start at the Museum, so it makes it easy to do both! This way you can see all that Boston has to offer from one location.

Interested in visiting the Museum of Science? Comment below with what you are interested in learning about!