The Neater Scooper: A Cleaner Way To Clean The Litterbox!

Neater Pet Brand’s new 2-in-1 sifting and bagging scooper now makes cleaning the litterbox easier and more sanitary.

This recently-patented scooper combines the process of sifting and bagging kitty waste into a swift, one-handed motion.

The Neater Scooper has a waste bin attached to the handle of the scooper, so consumers just scoop, sift, and then rock their wrist back to send the waste into the bin.

Plus, to avoid the waste spilling out of the bin while cleaning the litterbox, a trap door closes when the scoop is horizontal and opens when it’s vertical to let the waste drop to the bottom.

The bin is also lined with scented waste bags that have tie handles to avoid handling dirty bags while sealing in odors.

After the box is clean, remove the bag, detach the scoop from the waste bin, and place the scoop within the bin for easy storage.

The Neater Scooper retails on the company’s website for $17.99 and comes in blue, gray, green, and pink.

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Consumer Expert Carissa Myers

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