Facebook has announced its first product to come out of its Creative Labs, the Paper app.

The app will be available for download on iOS on February 3rd.

According to Facebook, sharing on the Paper app has been reimagined and you will now be able to simply pick up and thumb content with simple, natural movements.

You will be able to tilt your phone and get high-res photos up close. In addition, you will have a variety of customizable and detailed covers that let you easily spot your favorite or trusted publications.

A simple tap lets you get into the full-screen mode while another tap gets you back to the News Feed.

Facebook also says that Paper will offer a different experience in how you view your News Feed.

You will have customizable themes and sections that will allow you to experience Facebook in a much more personalized way.

You will also be able to follow your favorite interests similar to how Flipboard does it.  Flipboard, a content curation tool that offers a magazine-like customizable interface likely inspired the design and functionality of Paper.

Like Flipboard, the Paper will include “Sections” that will allow you to add your interests ranging from sports, movies, to books, music, photography among others.

Facebook does not intend to place ads on the app for now, but you can be sure they are considering how these will be naturally integrated when the time comes.

Have you tried out the new Facebook Paper app?

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