The New MacBook Pro Is Here

Today, 25 years after Apple released its first notebook, the tech giant has released a new version of its MacBook Pro. It comes with bunch of new features, and here are just some of them:

New Touch-Screen Keyboard Features: Apple has introduced what it calls the “Touchbar,” which is located at the top of the keyboard. Instead of standard laptop function keys, this is an electronic touch-screen display keyboard. It adapts to the application being used: If you are using messaging, it will show emojis; if you are using mail, it will show send buttons etc; if you are using photos, there will be photo editing buttons. Many third-party apps are also supported.

Fingerprint Touch ID: At the right of the Touchbar, where the power button usually is, there is a “Touch ID” function. Using your fingerprint, you can turn on or power down the device, switch user accounts, and make payments with Apple Pay.

Brighter Colors and More Powerful: According to Apple, the new MacBook Pro has a display that is 67 percent brighter than the previous one and up to 130 percent faster graphics. It has six-generation dual-core processors, up to 100 percent faster flash storage, and uses 30 percent less power than the old MacBook Pro.

Thinner and Lighter: The 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs just three pounds and is 14.9mm wide, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro weighs four pounds and is 15.5mm wide.

Larger Trackpads: The 15-inch MacBook Pro has a Force Touch trackpad that is twice as large as the old MacBook Pro, while the 13-inch’s trackpad is 46 percent larger.

Of course, apps like Siri, Photos, and Apple Pay are integrated into the operating system.

The 13-inch edition starts at $1,499, but if you want the Touchbar (and a faster and more powerful processing system), you will need to pay $1,799. The 15-inch edition, which includes the Touchbar, starts at $2,399. You can also order specific configurations and accessories. All these are available at Apple.

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