The current class of Andy’s old a capella group from Cornell, Here Comes Treble, visits The Office for their final Halloween episode in the appropriately titled “Here Comes Treble.”

As Andy tries to connect with the younger crowd, he discovers that his legacy within the group has been stolen from him by “Brocolli Rob” (guest star Stephen Colbert). Unfortunately, Colbert’s guest role was a let down. He has three or four lines and only appears via Skype.

While trying to connect with Here Comes Treble, Andy tells the kids the story of how he got the nickname “Boner Champ.” This was one of the best, most awkward parts of the episode. The pride Andy has in that story is uncanny, especially for what it is. All I’ll say is that it involves a snowman and alcohol.

Dwight discovers an anxiety pill and thinks it belongs to a madman. Why? Because he’s Dwight. Nellie doesn’t want Dwight to find out the pill is hers, so she helps him try to figure out who the madman is.

Dwight and Nellie are really starting to grow on me as a would-be couple. They’re both insane in their own special ways, and when they’re together, that insanity kind of balances out.

It’s nice that they’ve dialed Nellie down a bit the last couple of episodes. She definitely works better now that she’s found a spot in the ensemble.

A couple of great moments came out of Nellie and Dwight’s adventure – Dwight smearing peanut butter all over his face to prove Darryl is insane, and Toby falling in love with Nellie (who was dressed as “Sexy Toby” for Halloween) in another great awkward moment.

Jim takes off work early to head to a meeting for the sports marketing company he wants to be part off… and winds up investing $10,000 into the project. Pam is understandably pissed when she finds out.

Jim and Pam’s relationship has really gotten old. As I mentioned in the recap/review for “Andy’s Ancestry,” stories about Jim and Pam work better when it’s not about their relationship.

The writers can add all the drama they want to Jim and Pam’s marriage, but it’d be better to just leave well enough alone. If I wanted to watch a married couple argue about money, I’d pull up a chair at my next door neighbor’s window and watch the fireworks.

Overall, “Here Comes Treble” was an okay episode. Andy learns some pretty big news involving his parents in the end, and Nellie and Dwight’s relationship inch forward, but in the laughs category, it made me chuckle more than guffaw.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Dwight and Nellie will be the next Office couple?