The Office Review: Dwight And Dwight Jr Visit ‘Suit Warehouse’

The Office Review: Dwight And Dwight Jr Visit ‘Suit Warehouse’

Only one word can describe last night’s episode of The Office, entitled “Suit Warehouse” – insane.

First, there’s Dwight and Clark (aka “Dwight Jr.”), masquerading as father and son to make a sale to a family-owned suit warehouse. This part of the episode wasn’t too crazy by Office standards, but it really won me over with some of the ridiculous dialogue.

The most memorable piece of dialogue has Dwight claiming Clark used to collect “treats” from the litter box. It’s later revealed that Dwight collected cat turds as a child, because “each one is very different, like a snowflake.” I never thought I’d hear the phrase “cat turd” so many times in 22 minutes.

Outside of Dwight and Clark’s excellent adventure, Pam and Darryl have their own adventure in Philadelphia for Darryl’s job interview at Jim’s sports marketing start up. This was mostly typical Office stuff, except for one specific instance when Darryl shoots a signed basketball at a hoop, misses, knocks a light fixture off the wall and into an aquarium…frying the fish in the in aquarium in the process.

Darryl still managed to get the job.

The real fun this episode was in the Dunder-Mifflin office itself. Remember when Clark became Jan’s “secretary” a few episodes back? Well, Clark returns from his romp with Jan and brings in an espresso machine at the beginning of the episode.

Everyone’s really excited about the espresso.

Really excited.

Nellie comes up with the idea that they should taste test all 16 flavors the espresso machine can make. Chaos ensues.

Never before have these characters been so insane. Usually, it’s just Dwight or (in the good ol’ days) Michael that went nutso.

Erin freaks out about having to receive an order of pens. Kevin can’t stop lifting Angela. Stanley’s actually awake. Angela “doesn’t get the point of this stupid window,” and everyone has massive pit stains.

But none of that compares to the climatic moment all that espresso drinking leads to. Oscar realizes that everyone is energized, and rallies the troops to finally move the copier to the annex like they’ve always wanted. They work together to move the copier, but in doing so, wind up tearing the carpet underneath it.

At first, they freak out. Then, Oscar notices the hardwood floors under the carpet and has a brilliant moment that can only come to someone high on espresso — tear up the carpet. And with that, everyone starts to randomly tear off the carpet until Stanley notices it’s quittin’ time. With that, everyone simply gets up and leaves, leaving the place a half-carpeted warzone.

Once out, the espresso-addled team can’t seem to leave the parking lot, as they all try to go at the same time.

Pam and Darryl return from Philly to find the horrors that the espresso has wrought, with the only explanation coming from a fleeing Erin – “You left me in charge of the pens, Pam. That’s what happened. The pens happened.”

That’s right, Erin. The pens happened.

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