Pete Holmes is the latest protégé of Conan O’Brien, and his late night show “The Pete Holmes Show”, which is also produced by Conan, has been running since this past fall.

With new Conaco-produced entertainment it’s hard to see which way the viewers will turn; “Eagleheart” has been running for a while now on Adult Swim, and seems to have done fairly well within its niche demographic of high-satire-aware stoners.

Pete Holmes, on the other hand, was picked up by TBS immediately and judging by the number of Street-Fighter references, it seems to be doing quite well.

All that is to say that The Pete Holmes Show is adorable.

Just this past week the Monday monologue landed a joke centered around an Uruk-hai reference, a thing that no other comedian could ever hope to pull-off. But that’s one of Pete’s inexplicable abilities, a kind-of magical awareness of simple, cute comedy sweet-spots.

In the end TBS calls the shots with their programming and hopefully The Pete Holmes Show will be able to pull in a wide-enough audience to be sustainable from a corporate stand-point.

Here’s to many more years of Pete Holmes and his awkward Batman voice, may they both live on forever in the annals of late-night stardom.