The Return of Circuit City? Not Quite Yet

Ronny Shmoel, the man who purchased the rights to the Circuit City name earlier this year in hopes of reviving the expired consumer electronics chain, is still working on the concept.

According to a report on the electronics industry website TWICE (This Week in Consumer Electronics), Shmoel, who purchased the Circuit City name from Tiger Direct parent company Systemax back in January, had planned to open a prototype store in the Dallas area by June.

But Shmoel now says the store will not open yet because: “we are taking our time to get this right.”

Shmoel also told TWICE that the scope of the project has gotten larger than when it was originally announced. Shmoel and his partners are working on both the retail side and the new website.

The original Circuit City launched in 1949 and was a leading electronics retailer for the following five decades, eventually emerging as the #2 store in the space behind Best Buy.

Following years of financial problems, the chain closed its remaining stores in early 2009. Systemax bought the name that year and even ran a website for a few years, along with a revived, but both were folded into TigerDirect in 2012.

What do you think? Would you shop at Circuit City again?

Consumer Expert Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver is a longtime journalist and film critic based in the Philadelphia area. His work has appeared in Philadelphia Magazine, Fox 29 in Philadelphia, New York Press, SB Nation, The Daily Banter,, the Good Men Project, Splice Today, and the Philadelphia area’s Patch websites.