The Return of Daleks: New Doctor Who Teaser Released

Continuing their new habit of releasing as little as possible to get fans interested BBC One released another teaser trailer on their YouTube site today.

This video follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by giving us only a glimpse of the new Doctor, and what he might have to face. Again only showing Mr. Capaldi in the shadows, around an exploding T.A.R.D.I.S console.

With this one, instead of Capaldi’s voice or the voice of Clara (played by Jennifer Coleman), we have the voice of a Dalek.

Or maybe not.

There is some contention by the fans about whether or not it’s a Dalek or the voice of the Dalek’s creator, and one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, Davros.

Either way, it shows that this season will be bringing in another one of the Doctor’s old enemies (the Cybermen have already been seen on set).

Check out the new trailer below and be sure to pass this post along to your friends and family using the share buttons!

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