“The Rock” Tapped For Doc Savage

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is slated to portray the titular classic hero, Doc Savage.

The 44-year-old former professional wrestler turned actor has signed on to become the iconic “Man of Bronze.” The film is directed by Shane Black, whose most recent directorial credit belongs to Marvel Studio’s Iron Man 3.

Created in 1933 and published in pulp magazines, primary writer Lester Dent illustrated a man with no supernatural powers, but was raised from birth to be the pinnacle of human capacity in physical strength and mental prowess. His many adventures taxed his mastery of martial arts, detective skills, and ingenuity. He battled several different villains, always fighting on the side of justice. The character was one of the key inspirations for Superman, who was created only a few years later in 1938.

Doc Savage has made appearances beyond magazines of the early 20th century. Several novelizations based on his exploits were written by numerous authors, along with countless generations of comic books from different publishers. Beginning in 2013, Dynamite Entertainment rebooted the character under the title Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, and is currently written by Chris Roberson.

The upcoming film is the latest attempt in bringing the heroic character to cinematic life. Many attempts were made over the decades, and one was finally released in 1975 titled Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, which was poorly received critically, as well as in the box office.

The plot will take place in the 1930’s and principle photography is slated to begin early 2017.

What are your thoughts on The Rock’s latest project? Can he depict The Man of Bronze in all his true glory? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Consumer Expert Scott Wilkins

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