Finally, the two coolest characters of ‘The Strain’ meet. In tonight’s episode of FX’s ‘The Strain,’ Setrakian and Fet are trapped in a gas station convenience store that is under siege by the ghastly strigoi. If tonight’s episode taught viewers anything, it is to stock up on nail guns, ultraviolet lamps, and generators.

After temporarily hobbling  Thomas Eichorst in the dark tunnels of the New York subway system, Setrakian, Ephrain, and the crew now are subject to the Master’s scrutiny. A hoard of the strigoi descend upon a gas station to to kill Setrakian, Ephrain, and anyone with them.

Lucky for the small band of slayers, Fet is well versed in battling vermin- too bad that isn’t enough to save Jim Kent who became infected during the siege. Ephraim did his best to remove the worms from  Kent’s face, but the worms multiplied leaving the group little choice but to “release” him.

When Kent’s friends struggle with killing him, Fet ends the debate with a nail gun- pumping two nails into Kent’s brain. Fet and Setrakian are the Batman and Robin of the Vampire apocalypse.

The crew narrowly escapes The Master’s bloody plans by sticking together. Setrakian, Fet, Ephrain, and Nora along with a hacker stand between the The Master and humanity’s annihilation.

Remarkably absent from tonight’s episode is the vigilante vampire who came on the scene last week and saved a nanny and her charges from the children’s infected mother. Is the vampire hunting strigoi someone from Setrakian’s past, perhaps someone from the concentration camp? Will he help Setrakian in his stance against The Master?

The vampires are gaining momentum and few New Yorkers are prepared to face the grim reality. Will this reluctance empower the vampires, allowing them to increase numbers and continue their reign of terror?

Now that Fet, the exterminator, has teamed up with Setrakian, the hunter, and Ephraim, the doctor, the vampire take-over has been complicated. Hopefully they continue to stick together. Will team work and ingenuity be enough to stop this ancient threat?