The Ten Safest Cars On American Roads In 2013

The Ten Safest Cars On American Roads In 2013

Every vehicle brand on the market claims to be the safest ride around.

But, when the rubber hits the road, which cars can you really depend upon?

The list is heavy with family-friendly 4-door cars. Let’s take a look at ten of the safest cars on American roads today.

Honda Accord: The Accord is a regular at the top of safety lists. This year is no different.

Intriguingly, not only does the 4-door Accord do well in real world road safety records, so does the sexier 2-door version. The Accord is popular with families, a trend that keeps its safety record in good shape.

Volvo S60: Historically, Volvo has been a top safety pick among luxury brands. The S60 keeps that streak alive. The Volvo performs exceedingly well in front crash tests. If you ever have to suffer a head-on-collision, the S60 is probably the car to do it.

Acura TL: The luxury cousin of the Honda Accord is also on the list. Expect even greater improvements as Acura deploys the ACE II safety system. ACE II is designed to distribute the energy of a crash more evenly throughout the vehicle.

Chrysler 200: Designed with some of the best performing rear and front crumple zones in the industry, the Chrysler 200 4-door is an easy top pick. Active head restraints also assist in adding survivability in an accident.

Ford Fusion: Mid-size, main-stay cars that are popular with families dominate this list. The Ford Fusion continues that trend. Loaded with sensors and airbags, the Fusion provides lots of counter-measures to offset the consequences of a major accident.

Dodge Avenger: The name might suggest an element of risk. But, the Avenger features a unique child-seat restraint system, alongside the same active head restraint system seen in Chrysler vehicles. The Avenger also features one of the best anti-lock braking systems around.

Kia Optima: Likely the most affordable mid-size ride on this list, the Optima features a distinct seatbelt pre-tensioner that provides added safety. It also utilizes active head restraints. The body is reinforced by side beams that reduce the damage from side impacts.

Subaru Legacy: This car features a unique ring-shaped reinforced frame, designed to divert the energy of an accident away from the vehicle’s occupants. Dynamic Control and Braking Assist features reduce the likelihood of an accident arising from driver error.

Suburu’s long-standing commitment to top all-wheel drive systems reduced the number of winter weather fatalities suffered by the Legacy. On the downside, Subarus do suffer slightly in real world road safety, due to their popularity with street racers.

Volkswagen Passat: Side curtain airbags that deploy during an accident are the distinguishing feature of this VW’s safety systems. Electronic stability control reduces the likelihood the Passat will suffer an accident due to being overdriving.

For added safety, the Passat’s response system automatically unlocks all the doors after an accident, while also triggering the hazard lights.

Subaru Outback: The Japanese carmaker’s second entry on this list is also the only station wagon here. The Outback is built on top of many of the technologies featured in the Legacy. It adds a safety-inspired suspension plus off-road capabilities normally seen in SUVs. Once again, Subaru’s popular all-wheel drive system aids in reducing fatalities caused by bad weather.

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