The Voice Season 6 Playoffs Continue: Recap of Best Performances

The Voice Season 6 Playoffs Continue: Recap of Best Performances

The Playoff Rounds continue tonight on NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice. Tonight, Team Shakira & Team Adam perform. After each team’s performance, the coaches will choose which of the three contestants will make it to live shows and which two will be sent home.

Here is a recap of some of the best performances of tonight.

Team Shakira’s Tess Boyer “Human” by Christina Perri

Originally A Team Usher member, Tess was then stolen by Blake, but ultimately ends up being stolen by Team Shakira.

Tonight Tess showed exactly why she deserves to be in this competition. She did an extraordinary job of showcasing her vocal range as she sang the song with so much passion.

Adam says, “This was one of the best performances we have seen so far.” He continues to commend Tess for the beauty in her lower register and the power and control she had when hitting the high notes.

Usher praises Tess for the genuine quality to her voice. He says she is a superhuman to be able to hold notes the way she did and believes that she has absolutely reaped the benefits of the panel.

Blake says, “The thing that I admire about you is whatever challenge is set before you, you stand up to it.”

Shakira says, “You are the little miracle that happened on Team Shakira. Your voice filled the room in the lower register and throwing that amazing high note and staying there forever really showed all of us what you are capable of.”

Team Shakira’s Dani Moz performs “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

Dani performed such a beautiful striped down rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.” She infused the song with so much power, heart and conviction.

Adam says that even though she was super nervous in the beginning of her performance, she ended up doing a great job and says that Shakira would be super loony if she doesn’t keep Dani in the competition.

Blake commends Dani for being completely connected with the song and with her instrument. He calls the performance great and unbelievable.

Usher says, “What is undeniable is that you are an extremely passionate person. There were moments that were rough, but the overwhelming emotion brought me close to tears.”

Shakira says, “What I saw tonight is not only a girl in front of her piano. I saw a true artist. You made me listen to the lyrics and connect to the emotion of the song. I’m sure Gaga would feel very proud of what you did today. My team is killing it tonight.”

Ultimately, the three contestants Shakira chooses to move on to live shows are

1)Tess Boyer
2)Kristen Merlin
3)Dani Moz

One of the strongest performances on Team Adam was Delvin Choice’s rendition of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

Delvin proved tonight that he is a definite contender with his performance of “Let’s Stay Together.” The resident Soul/R&B singer of Season 6 performed the song with immense control as he colored the song with dynamic runs and a strong falsetto.

Both Shakira and Adam gave Delvin a standing ovation.

Blake says Delvin came leaps and bounds compared to when he first started.

Usher says, “There is not a more unique voice on The Voice. You really are a threat because you can go anywhere in terms of genre and skill.”

Shakira says, “It was delicious. You took us on a ride and drove the whole thing in such a tasteful way. You are one of my absolute favorites in the competition.”

Adam says that Delvin’s performance solidified in his mind that Team Adam is the team to beat this year.

The three contestants Adam chooses to advance to the Top 12 are
1) Delvin Choice
2) Kat Perkins
3) Christina Grimmie

Don’t forget that you can download all of tonight’s performances via iTunes right now!

Who was your favorite performance of the night?! Are you happy with the Team Adam and Team Shakira contestants who made it to the live rounds? We want to know! Leave your thoughts below.

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