NBC’s The Voice is finally back for its Season 7 premiere with new coaches Pharell and Gwen Stefani joining former coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Tonight’s season premiere revealed that the dynamic among the new panel of coaches is pure magic and the talent this season is off-the charts.

Pharrell serves a great new addition to The Voice, bringing his triple edge talent as a producer, writer and singer. Gwen Stefani brings in a great pop rock edge with her years of experience as both a solo and band performer.

Now, Let’s recap some of the best performances of Round 1 of The Voice’s Blind auditions.

Luke Wade “That’s How Strong My Love Is”

Luke is one of the first contestants to kick off the show with an incredibly powerful rendition of “That’s How Strong My Love Is.” His voice has a beautiful unique twist reminiscent to a mixture between John Mayer’s and Adam Levine’s tone.

All four chairs turned around during Luke’s performance and by the end, he even got a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Adam, who was standing on top of his chair, says, “I wish I could be higher up. I wanna swing from the rafters, sing from the mountain tops. You’re gonna win and you’re gonna be on my team.”

Gwen says, “I’ve been in a band since I was 17. The experience I have, I can project it into you.”

Pharrell says, “I know a few thing about blue-eyed soul. You can ask Justin or Robin. I know what to do with that voice. All I want to do is be your amplifier. Give me the opportunity to introduce Luke Wade to the world.”

Blake of course pulls the whole “I know a few things about winning The Voice” card.

Luke ends up choosing Pharrell!

Damien “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye”

Soulful singer Damien gave a heartfelt performance of “It’s Hard To Say Goodbye.” Damien performed with incredible control as he sprinkled the song with lovely runs. To Damien all we gotta say is… bring on the goosebumps some more why don’tcha!

Damien got a four-chair turn around with both Adam and Gwen giving standing ovations.

Following his performance, Damien explodes into tears and explains that his tears come from constant rejection.

While Gwen gets up to give Damien a hug, Pharrell says, “These moments in our lives, it’s confirmation when someone tells you no that it doesn’t mean that you stop. Your voice is amazing and that’s why I pressed the button. You really did deserve a four chair turn around.”

Gwen says, “You are so tasteful with your runs. It was so emotional. You touched us. I would love to have you on my team. I think I can learn a lot from you.”

Adam explains how he can hear the tears in Damien’s voice and says, “Just as I gave you a yes, I’m asking for a yes from you.”

Blake discusses how Damien is reminiscent of Bill Withers and that there is nobody quite like him right now. Blake continues, “I love you, please pick me.”

Ultimately, Damien decides to join Team Adam!

Allison Bray performs “Merry Go ‘Round”

Season 6 Country artist Allison Bray decided to work harder on her craft and re-audition for Season 7. Boy, oh boy, are we sure glad she decided to come back! She gave such a moving performance with her angelic voice.

Adam, Gwen, and Blake turned their chairs for Allison.

Blake says, “You have completely blown me away. I loved the quick little breaks and your pitch is really great.”

Gwen says, “I really love your voice. It’s really beautiful.” Gwen continues, “Although it’s an obvious choice to pick Blake, choosing to work with people that you think you wouldn’t go with can ultimately create magic.”

Adam says, “Stay in your lane and let me drive a little bit. I will get you in the position to win and bother Blake simultaneously.”

Allison ends up choosing Blake!

Taylor John Williams performs “Heartless”

Pop folk singer Taylor John Williams gave a brilliant performance of Kanye West’s “Heartless.” He totally changed up the song and really did an excellent job of making the song his own. Taylor really showcased the silky pure texture to his voice and his wide vocal range, especially with the big note he added to the end of the song.

Both Adam and Gwen turned their chairs.

At the end of the performance, Gwen shouts, “That was so rad. You made it your own. It was very creative and you’re an artist. You’re your own unique individual.” She says she wants to work with people like him to inspire her for her next record.

Adam describes Taylor as the real deal. He says, “I’m so happy right now. Every note you hit was perfect and then at the tail end you amplified it even more. Adam of course emphasizes the point that he was the one to turn his chair around in a matter of seconds.

Pharrell, who chimes in to give Taylor some advice on who to pick as a coach, says, “Adam understands your voice. Gwen understands your future.”

Taylor ultimately ends up choosing Gwen!

Elyjuh Rene performs Beyonce’s “XO”

R&B soul singer Elyjuh Rene gave an uplifting performance of Beyonce’s “XO.” He performed the song with so much passion, while revealing his massive vocal range. He did an excellent job of commanding the stage and really did an all around great job of covering the Beyonce track.

Gwen, Pharrell, and Adam turned their chairs.

Gwen says, “I love that you have tears and that you are emotional.”

Pharrell says that the word that came to him when he heard Elyjuh’s voice was “anointed.” He continues, “When I saw your tears, I could tell you have been through a lot. You have one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in a long time.”

Adam describes Elyjuh’s performance as blissful and says that he can’t lose him because he believes he can win the show.

Ultimately, Elyjuh chooses Pharrell!

James David Carter performs “Nobody Knows”

Country singer James David Carter gave such a fantastic performance of “Nobody Knows” that all four coaches turned around quite instantly.

Pharrell says, “There wasn’t a nervous second in your performance. You have so much finesse, you were totally in key and as a coach this is what you dream for. You are the total package.”

Blake says, “That may be the best Country audition that I have ever heard.”

Adam says, “I know you can win this thing no problem, I guarantee victory if you chose me.”

Ultimately, James chooses Team Blake!

Well that does it for our recap! Don’t forget that you can download all of tonight’s performances via iTunes.