The Voice Season 7 Top 10 Recap: Who Received Standing Ovations?

Tonight on NBC’s Season 7 of The Voice, The Top 10 finalists performed for America’s votes. Both Team Adam and Team Gwen still each have three artists remaining, while Team Pharrell and Team Blake have two artists each.

All the teams had new advisers to help with their performances tonight. Team Adam had the help of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, while Team Gwen’s adviser was Christina Aguilera. Colbie Calliat assisted Team Blake, while Diana Ross advised Team Pharrell.

Two contestants even received four coach standing ovations. The question is, who received them?

Well, let’s recap some of the best performances of the night!

Team Gwen’s Anita Antoinette performs “Let Her Go” by Passenger
We absolutely adored Anita’s reggae twist to Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” She did such an excellent job of putting her own unique stamp on the song. She really commanded the stage and gave an all around classically entertaining Anita performance.

Blake says, “I guess you’re having fun huh. That is such a cool way to spin that song. Every time you come out here, you’re letting loose a little more and America feeds off that.”

Pharrell says, “Just hearing your story and how no one turned around to getting a four chair turn and now every week you’re growing more and more. Congrats on realizing that the way to shine is to just have fun.”

Gwen says, “It’s so incredible to watch you up there. You really took over that song. It really feels like a song you would do and you killed it.”

Damien performs “You and I” by Stevie Wonder
Damien got the first standing ovation of the night with his performance of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.” Once again he did a stellar job of connecting to the lyrics of the song as he sang every word with complete and utter passion. Tonight he showcased his beautiful vibrato and his massively explosive upper register. He closed out the song with so much power.

Pharrell says, “Your parents must be so happy when you give a performance like that. Monroe must be losing their minds right now.”

Adam says, “I felt the entire audience get on board with you in this performance. I’m so proud of you.”

Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding
WOW! Luke gave a breathtaking performance of Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness.” Luke shined tonight with an impeccable delivery of the lyrics. He perfectly exuded the soulfulness of the song. As Host Carson Daly beautifully said, the performance was a perfect marriage of Redding’s classic version and the Jay and Ye’s hip hop version of the song.

Gwen commends Luke for his growth as a performer. She says that his ability to engage the audience has evolved from the start of the show till now.

Adam says, “First of all you’re back. I’ve always thought of you as one of my favorites. Adam also agrees that it was an amazing marriage of the two styles of the song.

Pharrell says, “This is what we planned. You came out here and exceeded my expectations. Job well done.”

Craig Wayne Boyd “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash
Craig got the second standing ovation of the night with his performance of “I Walk The Line.” We loved how he chose to give a striped down version of the song and turned it into more of a country ballad. His performance tonight really showcased his incredible vocal range and his consistent ability to add his own signature sound to every performance.

Pharrell says, “I remember when you first came across the stage. I thought to myself that man is super sure of himself. There is nothing like coming across an artist who knows who they are.”

Gwen says, “I’m not a country girl, but every time you perform I could see you’re a star. You have a real serious career after this.”

Adam says you were always good, but now you have gotten crazy good. You’re amazing and I am super excited and proud of you.”

Blake says, “That was magic! Congrats, you’re finally getting your moment.”

Danica Shirey performs Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”
Danica once again proved tonight that she is the powerhouse vocalist of the season. It’s always a risk to cover a Whitney song, but Danica rose to the occasion and gave an absolutely flawless performance. She did an amazing job of capturing the emotion of the song as she sang with perfect control and pitch. She hit every note with absolute precision. It was a beyond incredible performance to watch.

Gwen says, “WOW, can you do it again. It’s so fun to watch you, you keep getting better and better and you never mess up.”

Adam says, “With that song you have the chips stacked against you. This song shouldn’t be given to anybody really, unless they do what you just did.”

Blake says, “This is the BEST live show I’ve ever seen in seven seasons. These performances are unbelievable. The fact that you decided to do that song, that’s a big job and you just killed it.”

Pharrell says that Danica ascends every week and he is very happy for her.

That does it for our recap! Who was your favorite performance of the night?! We want to know! Leave your thoughts below! Don’t forget that you can purchase all of tonight’s performances via iTunes and vote for your favorites via the new Voice app.

Photo By: Trae Patton

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