The Voice Top 5 Perform: Recap of Best Performances

It’s the Semi-Finals tonight on NBC’s Season 6 of The Voice as the top five contestants perform two songs each.

One song has been picked by the contestants themselves as a special tribute to home, while the other song has been chosen by their coaches.

After tonight’s performances, America will vote to decide which of the five contestants will make it to the finals.

So, who gave some of the best performances of the night? Let’s recap our two favorite performances of the night!

 Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman performs “All of Me” by John Legend

Josh did a fantastic job of bringing his own special flavor to John Legend’s “All of Me.”  The song perfectly suited the soulful texture to his voice and allowed him to showcase his incredible falsetto.

Shakira says, “I think you have such a gift for reaching people with these romantic songs. You always manage to deliver real consistently good performances.”

Adam says that Josh is always getting better and better over time and is really flourishing on Usher’s team.

Blake says, “That was beautiful and powerful and there is no question to me you are gonna be in the finale. You deserve to be.”

Usher commends Adam for being a genius as he was the first to recognize Josh’s talent and says that Josh really touches the hearts of America with his performances.

 Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie performs “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap

Ok, WOW. Christina has proven she can really sing anything. Her performance of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” was beyond beautiful. This performance revealed the purely angelic quality to her voice.

We also loved Coach Adam’s idea for deciding to take a risk in adding the vocoder to the beginning of the song. It added such a profound effect to the song.

Usher says that Christina is an incredible vocalist. Although he admits to feeling a bit disconnected in the beginning, he felt connected once Christina was singing without the vocoder.

Shakira says “I thought the vocoder was cool. You represent the little people like me who have a lot of power.”

Adam stands by his decision to add the vocoder to the beginning of the performance, saying that both he and Christina wanted to inject something new and fresh to this show.

Well, that does it for our recap! Who was your favorite performance of the night?! We want to know! Leave your thought below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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