The Walking Dead 2/24 Recap: “I Ain’t A Judas”

The Walking Dead 2/24 Recap: “I Ain’t A Judas”

When we left The Walking Dead last week, the Governor had attacked, flooded the prison with Walkers, and left.

Tonight, we find our heroes back in their cell block, Walkers stroll the field outside.

Everyone knows the Governor will return. The pressure is on Rick, and as Hershel points out, he’s “slipping.” Even Carl tells him to step down and take a rest.

In Woodbury, Andrea tries to suss out what is happening. She wants to go to the prison and talk to her old gang. The Governor warns against it, telling her they are bloodthirsty. He tells her if she goes to the prison, to stay there.

Andrea leaves Woodbury, thinking the Governor is unaware of her escape. But Andrea recruits help from Milton, who tells the Governor, then goes with Andrea.

In one of the most gruesome parts of a gruesome show, the two-some de-arm and de-fang a Walker to use it the same way Michonne used her pets.

Along the way to the prison, they find the group of survivors that asked Rick if they could join our group at the prison. Rick went nuts at about that time and they quick departed. Milton takes the survivors to Woodbury, and Andrea goes on to the prison alone.

At the prison, Andrea tries to convince our group that they can come to terms with the Governor, even join her in Woodbury. They don’t bite, of course, and she does not seem to see the reality of just how evil the Governor truly is. Michonne tell her she is under the Governors spell. Andrea denies it. Andrea certainly likes her bad boys.

Milton brings the other survivors to Woodbury, and they tell the Governor they’ve been in the prison. The Governor asks for intelligence.

Back at the prison, Carol asks Andrea to kill the Governor when she returns to Woodbury, after lulling him to sleep by giving him “the time of his life.”

Andrea heads back to Woodbury.

At Woodbuy, Andrea tells the Governor that Michonne and Merle at at the prison, and that conditions are rough.

In the prison, things are dark, oppressive. Beth breaks out in song, her voice echoing in the cell block, singing “Hold On,” (by Tom Waits).

Rick tells Hershel and Daryl his going on a run tomorrow. He’ll be taking Michonne and Carl.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea slips from the Governor’s bed, gets a knife, approaches the Governor… then backs away.

That’s a wrap for tonight!

We expect a preview for next week’s episode, “Clear,” to be up by 11:00pm this evening on – if AMC follows their regular routine.

At the end of tonight’s The Walking Dead, AMC said that a longer preview clip of next week’s show will be shown during Immortalized, which comes on Thursday at 10pm.

Also on Thursday, at 8pm, AMC will be airing episode 4 from the first season (Vatos) in black and white.

AMC is currently running a “Walking Dead Always One Of A Kind Fan Contest,” sponsored by AMC and Dr. Pepper. Participants can submit a video of 60 seconds or less showing why they should be considered the ultimate Walking Dead fan.

Fans of The Walking Dead will vote on the videos, and executive producer and writer Robert Kirkman will select a winner from the top videos. Grand prize is a trip to LA for the red carpet premiere of The Walking Dead season 4.

The videos can be voted on or submitted through at The Walking Dead’s Facebook page. According to the official rules, videos must be submitted by noon, ET, on March 10, 2013. Voting has already started and will continue until noon ET on March 13. Those who vote on videos will also be eligible for sweepstakes prizes.

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