‘The Walking Dead’ “Bury Me Here” Morgan’s Sacrifice

‘The Walking Dead’ “Bury Me Here” lingered on Benjamin just long enough to foreshadow his death and Morgan’s sacrifice.

Richard, anxious to initiate war with the Saviors, sabotages the Kingdom’s tribute. This cannot stand. The Saviors teach the Kingdom a lesson, but not the lesson Richard anticipates.

Richard steadies himself to be a martyr and the Savior’s trigger man shoots past him, hitting Benjamin’s thigh. The horrified Kingdom soldiers rush Benjamin to Carol’s house, but it’s no use. The soldier with a heart of gold dies on her table.

Morgan, traumatized by the loss, is activated. Benjamin’s death awakens old grief, reminding Mogan of Dwayne. Richard tells Morgan he will have to kill. And kill he does. But did Richard intend to be his first target?

When the Kingdom meets with the Saviors to pay their balance, Morgan murders Richard and tells both the Saviors and the Kingdom soldiers that Richard is responsible for the short tribute and ultimately Benjamin’s death. He says he wants the Saviors to see that he “gets it.”

It appears that Morgan follows Richard’s plan. Richard gave his life to lull the saviors into false security and to activate Ezekiel. But is it Morgan who makes the greater sacrifice?

Morgan, who had a hard do-not-kill policy, is poised for a rampage. The rage awakened, he marches to Carol’s house and tells her the truth about Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Denise.

Carol, shaken, remains composed. Did he hope to flip her kill switch? Morgan sets off to slaughter the Saviors, but Carol convinces him to stay in her house (outside of the Kingdom). The two, literally, swap places. But is Morgan’s descent a warning of things ahead for Carol should she engage in war?

Carol strides past the one-way sign (and makeshift zombie spear) to enter the Kingdom. There is no turning back for her or the Kingdom. She will help Ezekiel fight the Saviors. But not today.

When Carol enters the Kingdom, Ezekiel is planting a garden with Benjamin’s orphaned brother. The garden is a metaphor. Ravaged by weevils, the garden must be burned before the main crop is destroyed. What is burned can be rebuilt.

The Kingdom will suffer. But Ezekiel’s act indicates its resilience and his understanding of the bigger picture. The Saviors are weevils. They have destroyed the security and peace of the kingdom. It’s time to start burning.With Carol’s help, they will succeed.

After all, the woman took out five walkers with a one-way sign at the top of “Bury Me Here.” There’s only one way the Kingdom can go- the path of bloodshed. Combine Carol’s skills and experience with Ezekiel’s calm and deliberate tactics and the Kingdom may be the strongest group in the Hilltop, Alexandria, Kingdom alliance.

But what will come of Morgan? Will he find his center? Will he recover from killing Richard and a slew of walkers? Will time alone heal him or will he fester in isolation?

Richard’s renegade action reminds viewers the damage that Sasha and Rosita are about to create. The two women, like Richard, are eager to fight Negan. They will act without permission or regard for the bigger picture. Their personal vendetta is likely to hurt another innocent person. But who will it be?

Previews for next week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ show Jesus telling someone that Sasha and Rosita are going after Negan. In another preview, Sasha tells Enid to take care of Maggie. Will Enid get caught in the crossfire of Sasha and Rosita’s vengeance? Enid’s death would certainly push Maggie into swifter action. But will swift action be the alliance’s undoing?

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