Two episodes without fan-favorite, Daryl Dixon, too much to bear?

Fear not!

Episode 506, “Consumed”, brings The Walking Dead fans a healthy dose of their favorite dynamic duo, Daryl and Carol.

The conclusion of Episode 503, “Four Walls and a Roof,” left us wondering where Carol and Daryl went and who Daryl called out of the woods. Promises of those answer emerge after a quick trip down memory lane.

A glimpse into Carol’s first days in exile reveals an ominous sign, “Hitchhikers may be escape prisoners,” suggesting Grady Memorial Hospital’s liberation and the first stage of Carol’s evolution. Or does it suggest Carol will be free from her psychological prison?

Her post- prison sanctuary comes in handy when she and Daryl run out of gas while their tailing the infamous black marked with a white cross.

While the two are holed up, Daryl, in the spirit of Hershel, stops Carol from killing two walkers that pose no threat. Carol finally gets some sleep and wakes to Daryl burning the bodies. Does he sense Carol is close to losing what’s left of her humanity? Is he helping her regain her balance?

Daryl literally takes Carol on the path to their past. The tattered streets of Atlanta are littered with familiar sights like the tank that sheltered Rick in the first season of The Walking Dead. Carol comes close to sharing with Daryl her traumatic ordeal with Lizzie and Mika, but he reminds her that he does not need to know– they have to start over. 

It is clear both have changed. Carol tells Daryl that he doesn’t know her, but it is clear he may know her better than she knows herself at this point.

When frightened Noah accosts them and steals their weapons, Carol aims to shoot him, but Daryl stops her. This is a clear role-reversal– in seasons past, Noah would have found himself in Daryl’s cross-hairs. Should Daryl have let her fire? 

Noah is not so lucky when Daryl and Carol catch up to him. Daryl pins Noah underneath a bookshelf and leaves him to die walker food as Carol pleads for Daryl to help him. Was Daryl regressing or was he trying to scare the humanity back into Carol?

Moments earlier, Carol said that she doesn’t think they get to help people any more. All she cares about are the people in her group. But when confronted with the horror about to befall Noah, she can’t bear it. It’s a good thing they let Noah live, too. He tells them where Beth is.

Carol makes the ultimate sacrifice. She throws herself in front of a Grady Memorial vehicle—the Trojan horse is in place. Noah warns Daryl that there are guns and lots of people at the hospital. Daryl growls, “So do we.” Dawn has no idea who she is about to find herself up against!

The episode closes with Daryl and Noah speeding back to Gabriel’s church. Clearly, Noah is the person that Daryl calls out of the woods.

How long until Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and the gang wage war on Dawn to rescue Carol and Beth?

Will Carol and Beth need rescuing?

Maybe these two strong women will take Dawn and her goons down themselves!