The Walking Dead “Home” | The Governor Attacks!

The Walking Dead “Home” | The Governor Attacks!

Big The Walking Dead news from last week’s episode?

That would have to be Daryl walking away from the group to wander the woods with his brother. Oh… and Rick is losing his mind (again).

Tonight’s episode, “Home,” begins where last week’s left off. With Rick seeing Lori’s ghost.

Are ghosts much of a leap after this show has gotten us used to Zombies? Naw!

But no one else is seeing ghosts, just Rick.

In Woodbury, the Governor tries to talk Andrea into taking over the town (what his real plan is, we don’t yet know).

In the woods, Daryl longs for the group, but Merle reminds him the group is about to be killed by the Governor.

And at the prison, Glen tries to prepare the group for war. Hershel argues that it would be better to flee.

Maggie and Glen talk, argue really, and she tells him the Governor stopped just short of raping her. She’s angry at his questioning. Watching them hurts.

Daryl and Merle face off over a group they run across being attack by walkers. Daryl saves the group, and Merle threatens them, and begins to loot their supplies. Daryl points his crossbow at Merle and makes him back off. Afterwards, Daryl heads back to the prison. Merle admits that he nearly killed Glen back in Woodbury, and can’t go with Daryl back to the prison. They split up.

Back at the prison, Glen takes off, destination unknown. Rick wonders about aimlessly outside the fence. And Maggie learns how to feed Lori’s baby.

Hershel tries to reel Rick back to reality, and Rick explains that he has been seeing Lori. He says he knows it’s not really her… but that their must be a reason he is seeing her. He says in time, he’s sure this will make sense. After talking to Hershel, he returns to his wandering.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Governor shoots the last remaining prisoner, Axel, as he was talking to Carol about his life.

The war between our group and the Governor begins. From all indications, it looks like the Governor has the upper hand.

The sound of a car coming in fast can be heard. It bursts through the prison gates… friend or foe, the group doesn’t know.

A ramp comes down, and out come walkers. The Governor is using them as weapons.

Our group is in dire straits.

The Governor and his crew leaves. Glen returns, as does Daryl – with Merle – and they help save the group from the walkers. But the prison appears to be lost, overrun once again by walkers.

And with that, tonight’s The Walking Dead is done for another week.

Seems odd that Michonne played such a small part of tonight’s episode. She has apparently been living near the prison fence. Participates in the final fight, but that’s about it.

AMC will release a preview video of next week’s episode, “I Ain’t a Judas” at 10:30 ET tonight.  It will be available on AMC’s website.

They also announced another episode would be shown in black and white this Thursday at 8pm (ET), but they did not say what episode (or if they did, I missed it – if you heard which one please leave a comment below).

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. Season 3 is not on Netflix and based on past history, won’t likely hit Netflix until close to the premiere of season 4. All previous episodes are available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

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The Walking Dead Contest For The 2nd Half Of Season 3

As we mentioned last week, AMC is not running a three-word sweepstakes like they did during the first half of season 3. Replacing it is the “Walking Dead Always One Of A Kind Fan Contest,” sponsored by AMC and Dr. Pepper.

Participants submit a video of 60 seconds or less showing why they should be considered the ultimate Walking Dead fan.

Fans of The Walking Dead will vote on the videos, and executive producer and writer Robert Kirkman will select a winner from the top videos. Grand prize is a trip to LA for the red carpet premiere of The Walking Dead season 4.

The videos can be voted on or submitted through at The Walking Dead’s Facebook page. According to the official rules, videos must be submitted by noon, ET, on March 10, 2013. Voting has already started and will continue until noon ET on March 13. Those who vote on videos will also be eligible for sweepstakes prizes.

Just before tonight’s show began, we counted 54 videos currently posted to the contest page.


What did you think of tonight’s The Walking Dead?

Will the group try to take the prison back from the walkers – do they have the energy it will take to do that again?

Leave your comments below.

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