The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale | Code Words: Returns In February

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale | Code Words: Returns In February

Tonight’s The Walking Dead mid-season finale was called “Made to Suffer.”

A lot happened this episode.

It opens with a group very much like our heroes. Fighting to survive. Helping each other out. They come across… the prison.

While part of our group remains in the prison, the others have gone to save Glen and Maggie.

And Andrea… well, she’s still playing doctor with the Governor.

Our group infiltrates Woodbury, where they find Glen and Maggie and grab them back. The smoke grenade Rick releases obscures their vision, so Daryl doesn’t see that his brother is one of the captors, but Glen and Maggie spill the beans almost immediately.

Daryl wants to see his brother, Rick nixes that idea. Daryl agrees to stay with the group.

Meanwhile, Michonne is on a mission of her own, and hides in the Governor’s house.

Outside, a firefight erupts as our heroes try to escape Woodbury. Andrea even shoots at her old friends, not realizing who they are in all the smokey haze. The one she does see is a former prisoner and new member of the group that she does not know (he ends up dying in the firefight).

Deep inside the prison, the other group is in trouble. They are under attacked by Walkers. Carl comes to the rescue and leads then to safety. Carl has learned to be wary of strangers though. After helping them, he locks the strangers in a cell block.

The Woodbury firefight over, the Governor returns to his house and finds Michonne, who has discovered his Walker head storage tanks and his dead daughter Penny.

He begs Michonne not to hurt his daughter. Michonne responds by putting her sword through Penny’s head. Nice girl that Michonne.

During the fight than ensues, the Walker head tanks are broken. Snapping heads fall across the floor. Michonne stabs the Governor in the eye with a glass shard. Just as she’s about to behead him, Andrea enters. She stops Michonne at gunpoint. This, and the scene the Governor, one eye destroyed, cradling his dead Walker daughter, are the most touching parts of tonight’s episode.

Only after Michonne leaves does Andrea look around at the snapping heads and dead Walker that was the Governor’s daughter. Andrea finally begins to question just what she has gotten herself into.

As our group reassembles outside of Woodbury after the firefight, they find Daryl is missing. Michonne does rejoin the group, though continues to be under suspicion. She still has not told them about Andrea.

The Governor rallies the townspeople and tells them Merle has betrayed Woodbury. His proof? Daryl was captured and is shown to the crowd. Andrea watches, stunned, as the crowd call for their deaths.

The brothers, finally reunited… doesn’t look like it will be the battle between brothers that I have been predicting since Merle reappeared. Oh well.

That’s it until season 3 resumes in February.

The three sweepstakes code words for tonight are: Returns, In,  February.

The Walking Dead’s sweepstakes website is at: If you are here reading this, you know what to do with the code.

A sneak peek of The Walking Dead season 3 second half premier, and a video on the making of tonight’s episode, is already online at AMC’s website.

AMC also announced that there will be a The Walking Dead marathon showing all of season 1, season 2, and seasion 3 to date, in order, on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead?

And why do you think the Gov turned on Merle?

Leave your comments below!

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