TWD Midseason Finale Review: It Really Is Time To Move On!

The Walking Dead midseason finale wields multiple moving parts that hinder momentum and delay the only meeting viewers care about…Rick finding Negan playing house in Alexandria.

Spencer’s death was hardly a shock. Negan, ruthless as he is, has no respect for the weak.  Spencer never stood a chance. His transparent effort to have Negan do his dirty work was always going to end with his death. The bad pun and extra gore, however, is also, sadly, part of the predictable Negan arc.

Now that all Alexandrians have bore witness to Negan’s violence, will they stand behind Rick’s efforts serve Negan?

Rosita, tired of waiting for justice, decided to take matters into her own hands, firing on Negan and (of course) missing. Once again, a character acts alone and the entire community suffers. Rosita’s bloodlust cost Olivia her life and Eugene his relative freedom.

Granted, Rosita isn’t to blame for Negan’s violence, but The Walking Dead established a pattern this season- act alone and everyone suffers. Father Gabriel warned Rosita that the group must act together. How will the group stand?

Michonne reminds Rick they are the ones who get things done, the ones who live. She urges him to fight- for everyone, not for vengeance. Rick hears Michonne and knows he must fight. But who will stand with him?

Enter the Hilltop. Rick meets Maggie and lets her know it’s time to fight and just like that, the gang is back together. Daryl lurches from a corner and shares the best bro-hug in TWD history with Rick. Daryl’s breakdown is probably a combination of relief to see Rick and shared guilt for their initial encounter with Negan.

Now, it’s time for all-out war.

The Walking Dead comic series launches into the All Out War arc at this point of Rick’s conflict. The AMC series gives a nod and wink to that storyline, setting Rick’s decision to fight in Alexandria’s jail cell. Fans of the comics understand its significance. AMC showrunners have been loyal to the significant moments of the source material, so I won’t spoil the surprise.

All Out War unites the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria against Negan and The Saviors. But will the group have time to organize before Negan seeks retribution for Daryl’s escape and Fat Joey’s murder? Negan was already worked up over Carl and Rosita’s assassination attempt.

How long until Negan’s crew figures out he is nothing without them? Their power is in their numbers, not in their loyalty to a maniac. Perhaps that’s why the woman Michonne carjacked let Michonne go.

Women, especially, in Negan’s camp must be weary of the chronic abuse and elitist point system. Clearly, the red headed woman chose death over returning to the Sanctuary. Will a select group of Saviors stand with Rick once he and the others rise against Negan? How long until Dwight signs on to operation smite Negan?

Thankfully, the series did not end with a cliffhanger. But one curiosity remains unanswered. Who is filling those mysterious combat boots? Could it be the Kingdom’s Richard?

Richard pleads with Morgan and Carol to convince Ezekiel to wage war on Negan. When Morgan and Carol refuse, Richard storms off and sulks in a hidden trailer.

The booted figure first arrives on the scene when Rick and Aaron successfully ransack the boat house. At the end of the episode, the same figure spies on Alexandria.

Could it be Richard scouting neighboring communities to stand against Negan? Or could he be scouting real-estate options in preparation for the Kingdom’s fall?

The Walking Dead will rise again on February 12, 2017, at 9:00 P.M on AMC. Hopefully, all of our questions are answered during the midseason premiere. What did you think of the Walking Dead midseason finale?

How will you fill your Sunday nights until TWD’s return? You can leave your predictions, insights, and questions in the comment section.

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