The set of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been kept under a shroud of secrecy as filming for season 5 continues in Georgia, but it seems they can’t hide everything.

Fans of the show that call themselves The Spoiling Dead have made it their mission to get as many details as possible about the upcoming season by lurking near the set and it looks like they succeeded.

They recently obtained a picture of Seth Gilliam on set dressed as a priest, leading many to believe he will be playing Father Gabriel, a prominent character in the comics.  Check out the picture below, courtesy of Facebook/The Spoiling Dead.

It was initially reported by Deadline back in May that Gilliam, best known for his roles in ‘Starship Troopers’ as Sugar Watkins and on HBO’s ‘The Wire’ as Ellis Carver, would be be joining the cast as a character named Michael Todd.

At the time the description of the Micahel Todd character was that he:” has 2 sides to him, a friendly, puckish humor but also a haunted side due to a dark secret”.  That description was very similar to Father Gabriel and many believed the Todd name was just a ploy.

Although the show has done an incredible job at keeping fans guessing and not follow the comics to the T, many of the comic characters have been incorporated, so odds are Gilliam is Father Gabriel.

Of course, there has been no comment by anyone affiliated with the show to  confirm or deny any of this.

Consumer Press will keep you updated as news becomes available.  Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ is set to air this October on AMC.

Do you think Gilliam is Father Gabriel?  Share your thoughts with us below.