‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 “Some Guy” Effective Emphasis on Ezekiel

The first three episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8 avoid character specific episodes, but that changes in “Some Guy.” The episode focuses largely on King Ezekiel and his mission.

King Ezekiel is one of The Walking Dead’s most eccentric characters.

Occasionally, fans on Twitter give Ezekiel flack for his community theatre speak, but, as “Some Guy’s” opening sequence establishes, he is well aware of the act and its stakes.

He is well aware that he is just some guy. He is also aware the well being of his camp depends on his performance. When Ezekiel tells Jerry not to call him majesty, Jerry responds he “needs to.” Just as Negan’s Saviors need someone to believe in, so too do the people of the Kingdom. Thankfully, they didn’t fall prey to the whims of a sociopath.

The dramatic cut from Ezekiel’s pre-battle “we are one” pep talk in the Kingdom to the carnage of the Savior’s sniper attack is made doubly horrifying when his people rise as walkers.

If Ezekiel and his people are one, how will the slaughter affect him? Will he suffer the same emotional fate as Michonne, Morgan, and Carol (each becoming the walking dead at one point in their character arcs)?

When Ezekiel shoots the first of his undead camp, flowers are tucked in its armband, an allusion, perhaps, to Carol’s iconic “look at the flowers” sequence. He may be at an emotional tipping point. But Carol (and Jerry) may save him from a numb murderous tear.

Carol once again emerges a bonafide warrior. After some time alone in a cabin licking her wounds and soul searching, she, again, makes the decision to be a fighter. She takes out a majority of the remaining Saviors at the outpost and saves Ezekiel and Jerry from a herd of walkers.

Carol, a survivor of domestic abuse, is one of the series’ most inspirational characters. But another character makes the ultimate sacrifice for the king in tonight’s episode.

Shiva, the entity that likely catapulted Ezekiel to king status, leaps in at a vital moment to save him. Shiva’s death is one of the few Season 8 scenes precisely adapted from The Walking Dead comics and the scene is heartbreaking. The collective cry of Twitter users, “SHIIIVVVVAA,” rang as toxic waste zombies descended on Shiva. The timing of her loss makes it one of the series’ toughest deaths.

Earlier in “Some Guy,” a Savior, Gunther, taunts Ezekiel, claiming the king is nothing special without his tiger. Will Ezekiel temporarily retreat from his leadership role in the Kingdom? Will Carol fill the void while he mourns?

In the comics, Shiva’s massacre is a tremendous turning point in Ezekiel’s arc. Time will tell how closely AMC adheres to Ezekiel’s internal conflict. Carol is long gone in the comics, so her AMC presence may alter his development.

What was your favorite moment in “Some Guy”? Was it Daryl and Rick swooping in at the 11th hour to finish what the Kingdom started? Was it Jerry’s beast-mode moment? So many to chose from! You can leave your insights, questions, and predictions in the comment section below.

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