Episode 502 of The Walking Dead aired one of the most grim comic story arcs- the Hunters. Gareth and what’s left of his Terminus cannibal tribe roast Bob’s leg over an open fire– comic readers know where this horror show is heading.

Gareth fills the role of Chris, leader of the Hunters featured in issues 63-66 of The Walking Dead. Now, the series has long nodded at TWD comic arcs, but there is reason to believe Bob will utter those famous lines, “You’re eating tainted meat.” Dale, who had already lost a leg in issue 39, wake to the Hunters eating his other leg. Unbeknownst to Dale’s group and the Hunters, Dale was bitten– he is tainted meat.

Bob limps from the church to cry in solitude– these were not tears of joy. In an earlier scene, Bob was pulled underwater by a waterlogged walker and his optimistic demeanor shifts to silence and withdrawal. Back at the church, he asks Sasha for one more kiss and then leaves Rick and the others as they celebrate their decision to head towards Washington, DC. He is quickly abducted and wakes to his brutal fate.

Will Gareth and the others become infected after feasting on Bob-B-Que? Will Rick unleash holy terror on Gareth and his group before infection takes hold of them? One thing is for sure, the hunt is on!

The Walking Dead, episode 502 has its moments of light and hope. The group is no longer content with mere survival — they are committed to living and will work to “reset” humanity with the help of Eugene. Can they trust Eugene? Again, comic readers know Eugene’s truth…but that’s a story for another day.

Love abounds in tonight’s episode. Sasha and Bob smooch and banter; Maggie and Tara share a heart-warming moment of confession and forgiveness; Rick coos at Judith; Carl reminds Rick that they are too strong to hide; Daryl helps Carol to begin again. There is hope for humanity where love endures.

In an episode filled with religious allusions, thanks to the introduction of Father Gabriel Stokes, scripture from Galatians, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up,”  hints towards happier days– possibly days spent in the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Yes, Gareth and his hunters are stalking Rick’s group, but who is to say that he is the only one. The timing is right for Aaron and Eric, two scouts from the Alexandria Safe Zone, to appear in the The Walking Dead series. Afterall, Father Gabriel debuted tonight and he appeared in issue 61– Aaron and Eric appear in The Walking Dead issue 67.

Hope and forgiveness proliferate; if Rick and his group stay the course and cling to their humanity, maybe they will “reap a harvest.” One of the rewards is already on the horizon. Daryl and Carol spot the car that abducted Beth. You remember Beth, right?

When Daryl retrieves Carol, who seems prepared to leave Rick’s group, they spot the black car that dawns its signature cross. “Beth! They have Beth!” screams Daryl. He smashes the taillights and screeches after the mystery mobile. Will Carol and Daryl be spotted, or will they effectively scout Beth’s captures and FINALLY save her?

New episodes of The Walking Dead air Sunday nights at 9:00 PM. Until then, you can share your favorite Episode 502 moments and Season 5 predictions in the comment section. What do you think tonight’s most memorable or telling moment was?