The Walking Dead - The Governor Is Back!Last week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 “Indifference” attracted 13.3 million viewers, which beat NFL Sunday Night Football!

This week’s episode of the The Walking Dead Season 4, “Internment”, was more intense, chaotic and gives a truer sense of danger than many full-scale movies can ever hope to achieve.

The episode is a non-stop thrill ride.

The show opens with our group struggling to keep things together while awaiting medicine to help the sick.

Rick returns and tells Maggie about Carol while they are securing the fence from the hoard. He says “I couldn’t have her here”. He finds comfort in her understanding reaction.

The increase of Walkers around the fence makes it essential for Rick to assure that it is secure. He and Carl work on the fence just as the Walkers break through and trample it down. Rick and Carl are forced to use assault rifles to clear the area.

Rick seems impressed with Carl’s precise shooting.  Since episode 1 of Season 4 of the Walking Dead, we have witnessed an increase of Walkers around the fence. We know someone is luring the Walkers to the prison but who…?

Hershel battles to keep the infected alive, but things get worse in the ‘sick ward’.

Several of the survivors die and the others are barely holding on.

We learned from Glenn that Hershel had never before been forced to put down someone who is about to turn into a Walker. We watch him struggle after one of his patients dies and he is the only one there able to do the grisly deed. The process was so upsetting to him that he had to pull a sheet over the man’s face before stabbing him through the skull.

This all changes when the unthinkable happens. The infection moves into the final stage in Glen and he slowly starts choking to death, just as a number of others have turned.

We see Hershel’s character change instantly. He doesn’t hesitate for a minute and puts down all that threaten their safety. In order to save Glen, Hershel throws himself in harm’s way, trying to remove a breathing tube from a Walker.

Thankfully Maggie breaks into the quarantine area in time to display some pretty good sharp shooting skills and takes down the Walker.

Bob creates an antidote and the sick members of the group seem to be heading towards recovery.  Hershel finally leaves the quarantine area and learns about Carol from Rick.

Maggie said that Rick made the right call and Hershel seemed to be all right with Rick’s decision. But Daryl still hasn’t heard the bad news, though he knows that something is up.

It seems unlikely he will take the news lightly.

What about Tyreese? How will he react? Will he take Rick’s dismissal of Carol as a suitable punishment?

We see The Governor is back, but it appears he never really left.

He obviously has been keeping an eye on the Prison since his departure at the end of Season 3.

Can we assume that he is the one driving the Walkers to the Prison and that he is plotting revenge?

A sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Walking Dead is below.

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