The Walking Dead…. Where Oh Where Has The Governor Been?

The Walking Dead…. Where Oh Where Has The Governor Been?

We finally got a quick glimpse of the absent Governor at the end of the Walking Dead Season 4 episode 5, “Internment.”

The Governor was gone so long that even Michonne decided to give up looking for him.

It appears that the Season 4 episode 6, “Live Bait,” will provide some details on what he’s been up to during his hiatus.

There have been rumors that the Governor will get two standalone episodes during Season 4. Some are speculating that it will be this week’s episode and the following week.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Kirkman, executive producer of The Walking Dead, and show runner Scott Glimple, were asked why the Governor has been missing from Season 4 for so long?

“You know what? I’m sick of the Governor.” Glimple said.

“It’s not that we don’t like that character; we needed to give that character a break. Going right back into that would seem like more retread of season three, and that’s the thing we don’t want to do,” said Kirkman.

To Kirkman’s point, without the Governor’s presence, the writers were able create new challenges and threats for the group to deal with. Those included the most unlikely killer in their midst – a deadly outbreak of a viral disease.

The group is also being haunted by a mysterious person baiting Walkers for the sole purpose of weakening the Prison’s fences (perhaps some of  The Governor’s handy work?).

Events over the last few episodes have led the group tp one of its weakest points… perfect timing for the demented eye-patched villain to return to exact his revenge on Rick and Michonne.

Do you think the group will figure out that the Governor is watching before he attacks?

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