The Wolverine Review – All the Hype Is Wrong!

The Wolverine Review – All the Hype Is Wrong!

Last night I watched “The Wolverine”.

The movie overall has had good reviews and little to no dramatic backlash from the film critic industry.

However, the movie wasn’t what I was expecting in any sense.

To be completely honest, I thought that the film under performed and it didn’t have the same amount of grit that the previous Wolverine films have had.

Hugh Jackman’s performance dropped to a whole new level in this movie and he didn’t impress me as the main character. Maybe it’s time for a new face?

I understand that it takes a lot to create these movies and have them perform just as well as you want them to, however, I feel like this movie was a shot in the dark and they missed the target completely.

The story line is all cut up into pieces. The characters (along with their actors/actresses) don’t really live up to the original story line in the Wolverine comics. And there were a lot of factual errors in the movie that aren’t consistent with the actual X-Men story.

I think that if someone had a good background in the Marvel Comics they would understand what I’m trying to say: the movie is a sham.

There are going to be those who disagree with my point of view. However, if you think that this movie is great, or that it’s going to revamp the way we portray Wolverine, you’re completely mistaken. This movie was rushed, over endorsed, and hyped up way too much.

Advertising a film is required, but when you have people out there saying that this movie is going to change the way we see Wolverine for now on out, and then you watch it and you’re thinking to yourself “Man, they just ruined Wolverine for me completely”, something is seriously wrong.

I don’t want to get into the messier details about what the movie is about or how the story unfolds because I will more than likely prevent you from seeing the movie and that’s not what I want. I want everyone to go out and see it, but I just don’t think that you’ll be coming back out of the theater with the same impression you had going into the theater.

There’s already a lot of speculation about the next installment of the Wolverine. But I have a more imminent question… will there even be another Wolverine movie?

After watching this film, I have lost faith in the producers, directors and most of all the story writers. If there is another installment, they’ll want to focus more on the story and acting than they do about making money from the movie.