Thinking Of Moving Away From BlackBerry? You’re Not Alone

Thinking of giving up your once much-loved BlackBerry and moving on to greener pastures?

You’re not alone. A study by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) found that over 30% of BlackBerry users in large enterprises (more than 10,000 employees) expect to move to different platforms within the next year. BlackBerry currently dominates the large enterprise market with 52% of users using a BlackBerry device as part of their job. A 30% reduction of enterprise users will be a major blow to the company.

And while the survey measured enterprises, individual buyers appear to be following suit. Apple iOS and Android operating systems are voraciously eating into BlackBerry’s market share, which has fallen from about 25% a few months ago to just less than 20% now.

EMA noted that Research In Motion (RIM), the developers of the BlackBerry, broke new ground in 2003. Back then, BlackBerry’s ability to handle e-mail and messaging was the big new thing. But now, the competition is intense. iPhones and Android phones are all the rage. Interest in BlackBerry phones appears to be waning, as are sales. EMA research also found that only 16% of BlackBerry smartphone owners were completely satisfied with their phone. This compares to a complete satisfaction rate of 44% for iPhone owners.

And even more bad news for RIM, the this survey was completed prior to the worldwide BlackBerry outage that occurred about 10 days ago.

So what will RIM do to entice us shoppers back to the BlackBerry table? Well, it just so happens that RIM introduced its own next generation OS last week called BBX. The new system will run android based apps, making thousands of new apps available to BlackBerry users. The same OS will be run both BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, and a major new feature will be a system which is said to improve security between business use and personal use.

Will it be enough to bring back some excitement to our relationship with BlackBerry?

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