On paper it may sound like your average game, but Thursday Night Football’s week 6 match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans promises to be anything but average.

The game will be broadcast from Houston’s home turf, NRG Stadium, starting at 8:25 P.M. (EST)  on both CBS and the NFL Network.

(Unlike in years past, this year the NFL Network will air 7 Thursday night games between September 11 and October 23).

Live streaming will be available from the NFL Network, DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, Verizon and Manscave Football.

Streaming through the NFL Network is free, but can only be accessed through a participating cable provider and only through your home WI-FI Network: it can not be accessed when traveling.

The DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket requires a subscription, which starts at $199 and is available to all Direct TV customers.

Those who do not have DIRECTV, but live in NY City, Philadelphia or San Francisco are eligible to purchase the service as well.

Verizon customers who have the Verizon Wireless More Everything Plan can also watch the game through live stream for free, as they dropped the $5 service fee for this season.

There is also HD streaming service available form Manscave Football, which can be used on any device anywhere you go.  They have various packages, from $9.99 a month and up, offering access to all the games, replays, highlights and stats.

These 2 teams have identical 3-2 records, but  there styles of play are quite different, making this a classic battle of offense versus defense.

Indianapolis has one of the most potent offenses in the league and the biggest reason why is their QB, Andrew Luck.

Not only can he throw pinpoint passes and thread the hole, but he can also run, making him the ultimate weapon.

The Texans, in comparison,  don’t have that strong an offensive presence when it comes to passing, but their run game is looking quite formidable thanks to Arian Foster and his breakout performance last week against the Cowboys.

The key is going to be who scores more and while both teams have less than stellar defenses, each has it’s strong pints, which should make this a close game.

Indy’s run defense has greatly improved since last year while Houston gives up a lot of yards, except in the red zone: teams are averaging 17 points against the Texans, 4th best in the league.

It should be an interesting chess match, but I think Andrew Luck will score enough to give the Colts the win: Colts 24-Texans 17.