Titanfall Suffering From Server Issues, Low Resolution At Launch

Titanfall Suffering From Server Issues, Low Resolution At Launch

Tianfall is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2014 for Xbox platforms and PC. Today the game has launched, but not without a small batch of issues.

Like many Xbox One titles, gamers have confirmed that Titanfall runs at a decreased 792p resolution compared to the typical 1080p found on other hardware.

Respawn Entertainment says a resolution upgrade patch is “likely” in the future, as they hone in on Xbox One’s development constraints.

Speaking of constraints, Twitter was also aflame this morning when it was discovered that many users that purchased the game couldn’t log in to its servers.

A patch has been distributed to fix the issue, but it remains to be seen what might happen when  the network hits fuller capacity later today and in the coming months.

Why is this news particularly frustrating to so many gamers? Because Microsoft is hedging its bets on Titanfall being one of Xbox One’s first killer apps.

If gamers can’t get online to play what has been purposefully designed as a multiplayer only experience,  that leaves many industry watchers scratching their heads as to whether or not Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment will be able to deliver on that promise.

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