To Own Or Not Own A Pet Bird

To Own Or Not Own A Pet Bird

Owning a pet bird is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Whether you plan to stay small with the parakeet and cockatiel varieties, or go big with the larger version Macaws and Cockatoos, it’s all a matter of having a pet for the long haul.

Birds live a long time, on average, if treated properly, and they are not by any means a “fly by night” pet (excuse the pun there).

These animals take a serious investment in terms of time and money, but if you want a pet that offers just as many rewards, if not more in terms of longevity and amusement, you can’t beat the birds.

Choosing a proper pet is the first step. Aim for one that isn’t huddled in a corner sulking, fluffed up and ready to keel over. Instead, seek a young pet, one that is lively and cheerful.  And preferably one that has been hand-fed by an expert. You will pay a little more, but the investment is well worth the cost here versus pet-store raised stock.

Most birds are not what is known as sexually dimorphic, in other words, you cannot usually tell the sex of the bird by looking at it, per se.

If you are seeking a male or female in particular, it is best to ask the individual from whom you are making the purchase, as this is not the case in all bird species.

Parakeets, for instance, as they mature, have their nares (above their beaks) turn color based upon male or female.  Male Eclectus parrots are green, while females are red and purple. These, however, are exceptions to the rule.

Caging and housing is also an important consideration. Enclosures should be as large as you can possibly afford and get away inside your home.

You need the cage to be away from any and all drafts, and the kitchen, as non-stick cookware is deadly to birds.

Place toys in varied spots, which are bird and size appropriate, as birds love to chew!

The food should be a mix of greens, veggies, fruits, and some seed variety.

Clean daily, fresh water, and newspaper at the bottom of the cage, in combination of plenty of love and affection and you are well on your way to a happy bird!

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