In the past week, more than 250,000 people have watched Wil Wheaton and three friends play the board game Tokaido on the Season 3 opener of Wheaton’s YouTube series TableTop.

Since then, the game has sold out at many online retailers, but it should be back in stock within the next two weeks, said a Passport Games spokeswoman by email Thursday, Nov. 20. She said there will be more copies available at the end of the month.

On Thursday, had one copy available from another seller for $137.95.

By contrast, the game has a list price of $40; it sells for $26.49 at CoolStuffInc and $26.99 at Cardhaus Games, though it is currently sold out at these locations. has it priced at $28.84 and lists it as available for delivery from Nov 29th through Dec 2 at the time of this writing.

Tokaido, created by Antoine Bauza of Seven Wonders fame, is popular for its beauty.

The artwork by Naiade is widely considered some of the best in the business.

The game is unusual because players are encouraged to move slowly down the road, and the player at the end of the road goes first each turn. The one who has the richest experience on a journey along Japan’s East Sea Road is the winner.

Players meet travelers, create panoramic paintings, eat, buy souvenirs, donate money at shrines, relax at hot springs, and work at farms, all while trying to best their opponents.

Wheaton, by the way, did not have the richest experience in Tokaido. That honor fell to J. August Richards.