Tom Coughlin, coach of the New York Giants, will be the coach again in 2011. In an era where coaches are coming and going within weeks, job insecurity for both coaches and assistant coaches is at an all time high. 

Just last week a coach was fired due to a domestic violence issue that, given a review of the evidence, has been upgraded to a felony battery. However, with help from the hard working Eli Manning pulling out a 17-14 win over the Redskins, Coughlin cemented his chance for a return.

Mara, owner of the Giants, stated that he believed in Coughlin. He was also impressed with Coughlin’s stability. Mara made it clear that the players enjoyed playing for Coughlin; high praise indeed given the power players who could have significant impact on the future of any coach. 

Rumors started flying a couple of weeks ago that were unfounded even then, but rumors have a tendency to take hold. Coughlin, one of the coaches who garners the most respect, found himself a target of those rumors.

Handling himself with his traditional gruff method and ignoring the rumors about him, he conducted the game with the Redskins with the same professional attitude he has always used, sending a signal to his team that he didn’t appear to expect to things to be any different in 2011.