Top 3 Money Saving Apps For Shoppers

Top 3 Money Saving Apps For Shoppers

Are you looking for some viable ways to save money here and there?

There are dozens of both free and paid apps on the market these days that are specifically designed to help you save money in a number of ways.

Here we’ll describe a few of the best apps to help you save money, report the pricing, and explain how to download and install the application on your phone.

How to Download and Install Apps

Most smartphones have the same general steps for downloading and installing apps.

Once you find the app that you want by searching for it in the Google Play, Blackberry, or App Store, you should be able to click on it and find a button that says “download.”

This will download the file that contains the application to your phone’s hard drive. Once it is downloaded, however, this does not make it a usable app just yet. You may then need to open the download file if your phone does not do so automatically. By doing this, you can install the app and then begin using it right away.

This entire process should take no more than a minute or two, depending on the size of the app.

Now let’s take a look at the top money-saving apps on the market.

The Coupons App

Rather than wasting your time scouring the Sunday newspaper and clipping coupons, why not enjoy having all of your coupons with you on the go?

The Coupons App allows you to do just that.

This particular application is available to Android users on the Google Play Store at absolutely no cost. The Coupons App allows you to browse active coupons, pull them up on your phone, and save instantly by showing the coupon at the register. There is also a helpful built-in feature that will allow you to find coupons for stores that are nearby.

Gas Buddy

If you are the type of person who does a good amount of commuting on a regular basis, then you are probably always looking for ways to save on fuel.

The Gas Buddy app makes finding the cheapest gas stations easy, no matter where you are. You can search for the cheapest fuel nearby or in a certain city of zip code. From there, you can even receive directions or navigation to the gas station of your choice.

This application is available for $2.99 on the iTunes Store and is free on Google Play for Android users. Over the course of a few months, this could save you a good chunk of money, though this depends on how often you drive and how much you have to fill up.


Ibotta is an app that offers cash rewards on groceries.

These rewards can be deposited directly into a PayPal account. Currently, there’s a $10 bonus just for signing up. The payout on this app is significantly higher than other rewards apps, although Ibotta requires you to make a purchase of product from a specific list of participators.

Choose your offers, shop and purchase chosen products then take a picture of your receipt to receive cash back—it’s that simple!

There are a number of money-saving applications on the market and many of them are even free. So if you’re looking for ways to save money, take advantage of your smartphone’s resources.

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