Top 3 Overlooked Honeymoon Travel Destinations

Top 3 Overlooked Honeymoon Travel Destinations

Planning a honeymoon is usually something that you end up overlooking because of the fact that you will spend most of your energy on planning the wedding. The problem is that when your honeymoon is not great, it will tarnish even the perfect wedding. It would be better to not go on a honeymoon than to have one that is horrible.

People end up choosing honeymoon packages in a hurry. They just talk to a travel agency or go online to do a really quick research. Because of the nature of the process, hurrying leads towards overlooking some travel destinations that would actually be perfect for honeymoons. We will take a look at the top 3 overlooked honeymoon travel destinations and try to understand why you should not overlook them together with why you are tempted to overlook them.

1. Florida

The reason why people overlook Florida is that they usually do not know as much as they actually think that they know about it. This is a perfect honeymoon destination in the event that you are looking for something that is highly affordable and enjoyable at the same time.

The weather in Florida is almost always great, various adventures are available and the people that you will meet will be nice. You are not traveling outside the country so you automatically save a lot of money. Also, in the past, the resorts in Florida grew and now service all possible budget ranges. The money that you save by having an in-country honeymoon can be put to good use so that you can afford one of the top vacation rentals.

2. Fiji

People overlook Fiji because of a very common misconception. They think that they naturally cannot afford a Fiji honeymoon. That is definitely not the case. It is true that the prices will be higher than with Florida but we are faced with a similar situation in the sense that tourism expanded to the point where many opportunities exist.

While in the past Fiji was a perfect honeymoon spot only for the rich and powerful, nowadays it is not like that. You can find great deals on luxurious honeymoon packages on Paradise In Fiji and various romantic activities are possible if you choose to go on an all-inclusive vacation. Most couples that choose Fiji enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathing and various water/beach activities.

3. Mexico

Mexico is overlooked because of many different reasons and most people do not even know that the country has some of the top rated beaches in the world. Many consider the experience to be exactly as in the Caribbean, an option that is far more expensive. It is also a destination that is easily accessible from all corners of the world.

If you choose Mexico, make sure that you trek at the Aztec temples, taste the local spicy cuisine, see what the big fuss is with the bullfights and you will get a lot of alone time with your spouse. [divider]

Did you recently have your honeymoon in a destination that you did not expect to have a lot of fun in? Let us know about it in the comments section below. Also, remember that by allowing yourself to properly plan your wedding you increase the chances of having a truly wonderful one!

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