Top 8 Cashback Sites: Discover Which Are Worth Your Money… And Time

Cashback sites have been around for quite some time, but for most of us, myself included, they seemed to be too much of a hassle for too little of a profit.

But with so many people shopping online and many of these sites being revamped and expanded, it seems things have changed.

Yes, you still have to shop through the cashback site to earn rewards, but it is much more straight-forward and the savings have grown.

As consumer-savings expert Kyle, from Rather-Be-Shopping, recently explained to us, shoppers can really save and make money using these sites.

The key is knowing which ones give you a maximum return with the least amount of effort (because your time is just as valuable as your money) and which sites work with the stores you frequently shop at.

And I can help you with that because Kyle, after extensive research, came up with a list of the top cashback sites- and now I’m going to pass that list on to you, along to tips and tricks to help maximize savings. You can see his article and all his findings here

The Top Cashback Sites

Here is a rundown, courtesy of Kyle, of  the top 8 cashback sites and the best rates they give you by store: up to 10% back at TopCashback
American Eagle Outfitters: 5% back at BeFrugal
Best Buy: up to 3% back at ShopAtHome
Dick’s Sporting Goods: 9% back at Ebates
Groupon: 9% back at Ebates
Home Depot: 6% back at CouponCabin
GAP: 8% back at TopCashback
JCPenney: 12% back at Ebates up to 5% back at SwagBucks
Kohl’s: 4% back at BeFrugal and TopCashback
Lands’ End: 4% back at BeFrugal and TopCashback
Lowe’s: 6% back at TopCashback
Macy’s: 9% back at Ebates
Nike: 12% back at Mr. Rebates
Rite-Aid: 6% back at MainStreetSHARES
Sam’s Club: 3% back at BeFrugal
Sears: 4% back at BeFrugal
Target: 2% back at SwagBucks (2 SBs for every $1 spent)
Walgreens: 4% back at TopCashback
Walmart: 6% back at TopCashback

 Helpful Hints & Tricks:
• Know which sites are best for you in terms of requirements and payout.
For instance, Kyle’s research shows that TopCashback has the best overall cashback rates. They  give ALL of the commissions off of your purchases back to site users, maximizing earning potential. On the other hand, offers a guarantee saying they’ll beat any other sites cashback rate. However, to get that price match you need to fill out a form, which may be too much of a hassle for some consumers.
• Know which sites are compatible with the stores you use.
As Kyle pointed out, if you shop online, it makes sense to earn money, free money, for purchases you need to make with or without a reward.

Even if the amount you get back is relatively small, over time it will add up- and all you had to do to get it was buy stuff you were buying anyway.

So if you love Amazon check out TopCashBack and if you live for Macy’s go with Ebates.

• Double up with coupons.

Many of these sites allow you to use coupons, so you can double your savings and really get your money’s worth, so check before buying.

What do you think of our list of top cashback sites?

Do you think they are worth your time and effort?

Let us know your opinion below and be sure follow all my latest consumer news reports on Twitter!

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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