Haptic feedback is a phrase most commonly associated with touch screen technology, but one ambitious company plans to marry it with virtual reality.

Dexta Robotics is developing Dexmo – a mechanical exoskeleton glove that has the potential not only to serve as a controller keeping track of hand movements but also provides digital forced feedback.

This basically means that the glove will lock up – not push against – your fingers when you encounter a solid object in a virtual space.

This resistance promises to create the sensation of touching something in a virtual environment by providing resistance when needed.

Now imagine the potential of combining this exoskeleton glove with the VR capabilities of the Oculus Rift.

The robotics company did an AMA on Reddit, revealing a few key aspects of the nifty glove’s development cycle.

For starters, Dexta Robotics estimates consumer models to go for less than $200 if their $200,000 Kickstarter campaign is successful.

The company also addressed durability and rigidity concerns, citing that current prototypes were 3D-printed models and that the final consumer models would use metal for the key components.

You can learn more about Dexmo by visiting the company’s page dedicated to highlighting the exoskeleton gloves’ latest developments.

Excited about the idea of how this glove can enhance virtual reality? The whole thing a bit too creepy for your tastes?

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