NOTE: This review was created on February 11, 2015. Any  information may have changed from the review date to the current date.

Being a long time First-Person Shooter (FPS) fan for many years, I still believe I’ve never took part in the golden years of Quake and Unreal Tournament.

However, with the release of TOXIKK, I can finally relive those years.

TOXIKK is a First-Person Shooter that is currently being developed and tested by Reakktor Studios. The studio’s purpose for this game is to bring back the designs that made the early FPS games so successful.

Multiplayer or Singleplayer? Or both?

TOXIKK is a multiplayer game which requires an internet connection in order to download and play the game. The game does feature a bot-mode where you can play against computer-controlled enemies. This still requires an internet connection to do so.

At the moment, there are not many players who own the game, expected of a newer release. There are official servers in which anyone is able to join as well as private matches in which you can invite your friends for a frag-fest.

However, you will find many empty servers and some will be hosted in other regions such as Europe.

Overall: 7/10

Can I blow people up?

Yes, yes you can. The game features a total of nine different weapons, many of which are inspired from the Quake and Unreal Tournament games. From the famous Rocket Launcher, “Cerebus,” to the fully automatic rifle, “Violator,” the game has a small, yet plentiful supply of weapons.

The weapons are scattered throughout the map. No loadouts, no customization, no BS. Everyone has a chance. Additionally, there are small health and armor pickups that can help you survive in gunfights.

Overall: 9/10

Where am I shooting people at? How will I be shooting them?

At the moment, there is currently one map and two game modes.

The map consists of a crowded urban city in Hong Kong’s slums. The map is very close-quarters, meaning that there isn’t much to do other than shoot at each other till they die.

The two game modes consist of a a Free-for-All death match against any and all enemies, and a team-based game where the goal is to kill the enemy team.

So far, the game is very basic in terms of maps and modes, but will be expanded later on.

Overall: 5/10 (at the moment)

How pretty does the game look?

The game features a very modern graphics engine that does very well to enhance the game’s overall value. I am not sure how the game will run on lower-end machines, but it may have some early performance issues due to the fairly recent engine.

The options for video settings are quite detailed, so tweaking to suit your needs will not be difficult.

Overall: 9/10

Final Verdict?

The game has amazing potential to become a popular FPS game, with a good solid foundation, good visuals and expanding content. With a little bit of support, I believe the game can take off.

However, at the moment, the game has very little content to offer in its current state. One map, two game modes and nine weapons; many players will find repetitiveness after a while.

The game however, deserves support for the idea they’re presenting and despite the lack of content, its potential is well worth the wait and the cost.

Final Score (as of February 12, 2015): 8/10

Have you played the game yet? What are your impressions of the game?

If you don’t own the game, would you purchase the game based on what you’ve seen or read so far? Do you feel that it deserves to be developed?