Toy Story 4 Currently In The Making – Details, Release Date

During an interview on BBC’s Breakfast News about Tom Hanks’ upcoming film Larry Crown, Hanks was asked if there was going to be a Toy Story 4. According to Collider, Hanks responded, “I think there will be. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go.”

The Toy Story franchise has been one of the highest grossing trilogies and most critically praised franchises ever. The idea that it may not be a trilogy will definitely excite many. According to Bill Graham:

“There are two immediate gut reactions to the news. One of elation and one of awe. As a [Disney] Pixar fan, I would love to see another Toy Story film but I also do not want the franchise run into the ground with endless sequels. Considering the Hawaiian Vacation short that played in front of Cars 2, it is obvious that Pixar is at ease with the characters and it just feels right. Not to mention the fact that Toy Story 3 made over $1 billion worldwide, so there’s a bit of a financial incentive to keep going as well. So far, this is the first mention of a fourth installment that I can recall, as it did seem quite clear that Toy Story 3 was the final chapter, sending the gang off to live in a happily ever after way.”

When Disney Pixar was question about this speculation, they claimed that Toy Story 4 is in the process of being created, and that it will be an original film and not a sequel, and was set for release on November 27th, 2013.

Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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