Toyota is preparing to recall 214,000 RAV4s and 94,000 Highlander and Highlander Hybrids, according to an announcement from the company. The recall is related to faulty roll-over sensors in the side-airbag systems of these vehicles.

According to the announcement, there are two sensors that are designed to detect the vehicle roll angle. If one of these sensors malfunctions, the warning light for the airbag system will be triggered, and the roll-detection system will be deactivated. While the bags would still deploy in the case of a side-collision, they would not deploy in a roll-over incident. If both of the sensors were to fail at the same time after the initial check, the curtain shield airbag could be activated.

The recall involves specific 2007 and 2008 RAV4s, and specific 2008 Highlander and Highlander HVs. Toyota said in their announcement that owners of the vehicles affected by the recall would receive a notification in the mail during May, 2011. The mail will instruct owners to take their vehicles to a Toyota dealership for a free replacement of the faulty sensors.

Toyota also released a customer service number that owners can contact for additional information, 1-800-331-4331. Additional information is also available through their website at: