Country singer Trace Adkins’ house caught on fire and burned to the ground in Brentwood, Tennessee, Saturday afternoon.

Trace Adkins nor his wife, Rhonda Adkins, were at home. But their two children, a 9 near old and a 6 year old, were at home, staying with house guests. Trace Adkins was on a flight to Alaska at the time of the fire, Rhonda had been in Atlanta and nearing the home when she saw the smoke. She arrived at her home about 10 minutes after firefighters believe the fire started. “By the time I got here, the house was fully engulfed,” she said.

The Adkins have been married for 14 years, and had lived in the home for 11 years. “You can replace things, not people. I’m just glad that my children are safe,” said Rhonda. The families houseguests and pets also escaped without injury, according to reports.

Trace Adkins did not learn of the house fire until his plane landed last night. “He’s gonna freak. He’s probably gonna think I’m dead,” said Rhonda.

The 5000 square foot home is said to be a total loss. The family’s possessions, including photos and music awards, were lost. Rhonda credits a family fire safety plan with helping keep her children safe. The family will be staying in their other home, on a farm in Eagleville, Tennessee, according to Rhonda.